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"A side effect of living from a place of lack and fear is a guarded, disconnected, and distrusting heart.

Living in alignment requires you to activate your heart, trust in its wisdom and take action inspired by its intuitive guidance.

I know that heart space wisdom and intuitive guidance can feel hard to reach, especially if you've experienced devastating trauma and loss; but contracting and closing off will only take you further away from liberation, abundance, adventure, love, and bliss.

Practices that hold space for you to get still, self-reflect, tune into the subtle cues, nurture yourself and nourish self-trust and self-love are the pathway back.

Some of my favorite practices are journaling, meditation, yoga, exercise, getting into nature, self-care, and practicing gratitude.

Rewiring your brain around what it means to lead with the heart is helpful too; you can live life with an open heart and still stand firmly in your power with healthy boundaries and backbone.

Living a life full of magic and goodness is not void of heartbreak or pain, it has its challenges too; but with those inevitable hardships, leading with love brings a greatest sense of empowerment, purpose, fulfillment, all of which ignite your soul, making every challenge along the way worth it!"

-Shayla Quinn

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